Smart Savings

The south Pacific is like nowhere on earth. It is very far away but that gives it is special cachet. You ae in a realm like no other. Since I am not including video or photos (we have Instagram for that), I will create a visual image for you to stimulate to seek further on line. You will soon see what I mean about what of the most beautiful places on earth consisting of 600 small island and the main areas of North and Small Island separated by the 14-mile Cook Strait.

The large island by the way is the 12th largest island in the world so I have plenty of room to roam. More geography lesson. You might have heard of Auckland, Wellington (the capital), and the Maori culture. That is a major draw to this miraculous place. You don’t need a huge continent to be happy and healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

My spirit stays content when I am in a hot shower after a day at the beach. I am telling you this I am trying to save money. It is not that the cost of living is so great here, but that I want to live modestly without moving about. I want to be a local for eternity. One of my expenditures is for the electric hot water appliance so I did some research, read some electric water heater reviews online and replaced it. After all, this is not a cold climate – although the daytime temperature varies according to your specific location. I am not cutting down on food or entertainment or my social media as they are a way to mingle with locals and make friends. So good bye hot shower!