Sports Sites and Teams

There is a variety of sport here in NZ for you to play or follow. Like the rest of the world, we like rugby and football. Also cricket, sailing, basketball, netball, and others. The climate of New Zealand makes it easy to play most sports year round. If you want to join a team, it should not be too hard! There are also plenty of good teams to root for if you are not so great at playing on your own.

First, I will talk about one of the biggest sports here: rugby! We play both rugby and rugby league. There are professional teams, college teams, and then different groups can field their own teams. If you are interested in playing or learning more about the teams, you should start with You can find different leagues there as well as tips and other stuff you might want to know. If you want to get your kids on a team, check out for a lot of good information. My favorite team is our national union team, the All Blacks. They are amazing! The lowest they have ever been ranked is 3rd, and that was over a decade ago. They are fantastic to watch and are always winning.

Football is another popular sport here. There are recreational leagues for us average players and pro teams for us to cheer on. There’s the Championship League, Northern Region, Central Premiere, Mainland Premier, FootballSouth Premier, and the National Team (The All Whites). While I like the national team, personally my favorite is Waitakere United. If you don’t already have a team to root for, I recommend checking them out. If football is your thing, there are a lot of great sites out there for scores and stuff, but I have found to be the FIFA website to be most helpful if you need to know who is winning or where your team stands.

There are lots of other great sports here, but those are my two favorites!

If you’re into surfing, there are some good places to go. Raglan is the best. You can get detailed surf reports from before you head out there. For skiers, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that skiing in New Zealand is beautiful and lots of fun. The bad news is that since our country itself is on the smaller side, so are our ski fields. However, we think they’re better than the European alps. Try Treble Cone or Whakapapa for some great skiing surrounded by some amazing scenery! has good reports on ski conditions and even some cameras so you can check things out.

Whatever sport you like, the best place to catch up on sports news for me has always been They do a good job of getting information and posting it quickly.

Do you have any go-to sites for your sports info? Let me know in the comments.